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SEADAE Releases A Shared Endeavor


State Education Agency Directors of Arts Education (SEADAE) joins national arts and education organizations calling on policy makers and the public to re-examine support for quality arts education 


The State Education Agency Directors of Arts Education, in partnership with 12 national arts and education organizations, has released Arts Education for America’s Students, a Shared Endeavor, a statement outlining the importance of high quality arts education and those responsible for providing it to students.  A Shared Endeavor articulates the purpose and value of arts education in the balanced curriculum of all students, asserts its place as a core academic subject area, and details how sequential arts learning can be supported by rigorous national standards and assessments. The statement, created over a 12-month period by the endorsing organizations, responds to the alarming marginalization of quality arts education in America’s schools in recent years, as funding, staffing, and school time has increasingly focused on tested subject areas. Acknowledging the long history and support for arts education by public and private partners, A Shared Endeavor defines what quality arts education looks like at the local level, encourages partnerships, and calls on organizations and individuals to actively support and promote:   

·                   Policies and resources for arts education.

·                  Access to arts education for all students.

·                  Collaboration between school-based arts educators, other subject area                  teachers, and community-based artists and arts educators.

     Long-term advocacy partnership between all providers of arts education.  

Arts Education for America’s Students, a Shared Endeavor, reflects the value SEADAE and its partner organizations place on the work of our members and others who contribute to high quality arts education. 

Endeavor-1-8-14-FINAL.pdfMarcia McCaffrey, current president of the State Education Agency Directors of Arts Education and Arts Consultant at the New Hampshire Department of Education notes “This important document underscores the shared values held among partners for quality arts education for all students.  It provides a basis by which we can continue our national dialogue about how all students can be served and how all students can partake in the advantages gained through quality arts education.  We hope our members and those of other organizations will collaboratively explore how our work at the state level  and the work we all do collectively creates a synergy that supports high quality arts education for our nation’s students.”

 SEADAE will be encouraging its members and others to read this document and its companion diagram, which places students at the center of arts education.   SEADAE endorses Arts Education for America’s students, A Shared Endeavor,  as a valuable tool to help prompt dialogue and engagement with community arts education leaders regarding the ways in which students access arts education.