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Department of Education Weighs in on Title I and the Arts
(click here to download a copy of the letter)
Those familiar with Education policy and funding will of course be familiar with the Title I program, an amendment to the the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA)  of 1965 which earmarks funds for improving the academic achievement of the disadvantaged.  The purpose of the title is to ensure that all children have fair access to a high quality education.

In a letter dated June 6, 2013,  Dr. Monique M. Chism, Director of Student Achievement and School Accountability Programs for the United States Department of Education affirms the arts as a vital part of that high quality education.  Dr. Chism begins by noting that the ESEA defines the arts as a core subject and (ESEA Title IX.)  She states that the arts "play a significant role in the development of children and their learning process"

 The letter goes on to define how the arts may be supported by Title I funds following the program's guidelines.   Ms. Chism's comments may be downloaded above, contained in a letter addressed to all Title I State Coordinators, dated June, 6, 2013