Marching with the Arts

March highlights four arts areas in our schools through Dance in Our Schools, Music in Our Schools, Theatre in Our Schools, and Youth Art Month. Each unique content area encourages month-long events aimed to highlight the significance of each arts area in our schools and communities.
The visual and performing arts help to educate all of our students both through the building of students’ social and emotional skills, as well as academic skills and techniques of the artforms. We celebrate the arts and honor the efforts of those who continue to inspire, create, perform, and enhance our lives through the arts.
Everyone is encouraged to participate in the annual celebrations. How are you celebrating the arts in your school community? Participate in the poll-

Additional information is available at:

Dance in Your Schools Month
Music in Our Schools Month
Theatre in Our Schools Month
Youth Art Month

Article Originally Shared in 2018; Reprinted 2019
Shared by:
Julie A. Palkowski, Ph.D.
Fine Arts and Creativity Education Consultant; SEADAE Past President
Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction
Posted: 03/15/2019
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