Staying Relevant and Meeting Your On-line Professional Development Needs

How can we help? In our best effort to provide high quality, relevant services to you, SEADAE is excited to share with you a new venture in on-line learning. We’ve got courses for you that are developed with your needs in mind, created by outstanding educators and national leaders, hosted on a vibrant website, and designed to build a community of learners who engage with and learn from each other. Drum roll, please…
SEADAE and the Public Consulting Group (PCG) Pepper are pleased to be partners in this exciting endeavor.

Key Project Highlights:
  • Provide access to arts content to help teachers and districts understand and apply the National Core Arts Standards
  • Build a growing library of arts content to provide teachers with the training and support they need to bring quality arts learning to the classroom
  • Establish an online professional learning community specifically for arts educators to promote collaboration, sharing of resources, problem solving, and access to subject matter experts
Public Consulting Group (PCG) was founded in 1986 with a corporate mission of “Public Focus, Proven Results” and today is one of the largest firms in the nation devoted to providing services to public agencies.  With headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts, PCG operates from 60 offices across the U.S. and in Montreal, Canada; London, U.K.; Lodz, and Warsaw, Poland.
PCG directly serves 6,200 school districts and 27 State Departments of Education in 51,000 schools. Current clients span across 43 states and the District of Columbia, including 17 of the 25 largest urban school districts in the U.S.

Pepper is a vibrant, online community where educators have anytime, anywhere access to rigorous, high-quality content. Pepper manages a variety of learning opportunities and activities through modules, workshops, courses, instructional resources, classroom teaching videos, and lessons. Educators can create targeted learning groups, share portfolios of work, build personal peer networks, engage in discussions, and work together or individually as they complete courses and earn certificates.
Pepper is built on the powerful edX platform, the Cambridge-based education partnership founded by Harvard University and M.I.T., to support two important missions: improving online education and advancing teaching and learning through research.

Courses currently available in the SEADAE Visual & Performing Arts Collection include:
  • 2014 National Core Arts Standards: Exploring the Website
    • This 1-hour short course provides a guided tour of the website and encourages teachers to discover and utilize each element of the website as a foundation for learning about the standards
  • Curtain Up! An Introduction to the National Arts Standards
    • The National Core Arts Standards are changing how teachers and students perceive and experience arts education. This course will answer these big questions and more: What are the standards? Why were the 2014 standards created?
  • Act I: Artistic Literacy in the Classroom
    • This self-paced course provides teachers the practical knowledge they need to translate the goals and intent of the standards into classroom practice.
  • Media Arts: Film Making
    • Educators will be introduced to methods used to create, produce, respond, and connect practical filmmaking techniques to works of film and making short films.
  • Media Arts: 3D Design and Animation (in process)
    • Learn how to develop and implement a national media arts standards-aligned 3D modeling and animation course for the high school level.
Customized enrollment plans
PCG supports flexible enrollment plans to meet you, your district, or your state needs. Courses can be provided at a district or state level for multiple users or made available to individuals. District-level options can include selections within the library or the entire collection of courses in the library provided by PCG/Pepper. Courses may be used for CEU’s and for certification renewal depending on individual state and district guidelines. College credit is available upon request. Contact Alina Coffman at to discuss your best options.

The license to access the SEADAE content collection will also include membership to the national SEADAE online community for teachers.  SEADAE will provide content expertise to reply to questions and comments users post on the community site. This keeps the dialogue lively and personal.

Funding strategies
State and districts may consider the federal Title II and Title IVA programs as a potential funding source. Local professional development funds may also be available. Price structure is very competitive.

How can we help?
We look forward to serving you, our incredible educators who work directly with students, as you strive to develop thoughtful, curious, creative life-long learners in the arts. Let us know your needs. How can we help you? Are there courses you’d like to see in our library? Might you be our next expert who can contribute to our ever expanding library of courses?

For information about courses, course content, and content development contact Marcia McCaffrey at or 603-271-3193.
For information about a customized enrollment plan for districts, states, and other providers, contact Alina Coffman at

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